My heart longs for your devotion

Distance sweeps across me like coarse winds across the plain

Agony nestles its way through hollows which become occupied by restless thoughts

A loved heart finds it rest in the heart of its beloved

The true labour of love is the peace it brings amongst its company

When I long for you

And you aren’t near

Our home feels forsaken

And the beautiful vulnerability quickly turns to ashes left in remnants of a fiery love.

Art by: Dimitra Milan



You whisper, “I will find you again and again…”

And lifetime after lifetime

I will recognize

t h e  p u l l  i n  m y  s o u l  t o w a r d s  y o u

Love knows no distance

I close my eyes

And you are here with me

Your embrace…

The safest place on Earth

Until eternity sweeps us away

Into an otherworldly dream.

Artwork by: Michael Yezerski




What constitutes as prayer?

it is not just words to fulfill a ritual

it is an extension of every cell in your body

of all desire

all that lies heavy, burdening you

it is when our lips are pursed

hands quiver

and hearts empty

giving us a space in humility

during the ether of the night

or perhaps when the sun sweeps light across the horizon

where the distance between

you and God

lies amongst the breath in which you whisper

it is where the truth lies

where your answer is

even when you ask for signs and affirmations






It is modesty

in its finest essence

to kneel before your Creator

and empty everything that taints this vessel,

brings joy to this experience,

or has one feeling melancholy.


Sometimes, there are no words

however, that which lies in the heart

always finds a way out

whether it takes days or years

the call of the heart

is embedded in eternity

and in your weakest moments

when you cannot formulate

but only feel emotion

my dear,
















How brilliant and terrifying is existence?

To feel your heart bursting at the seams of that which is written in the passages of your nerves and flowing into your core.

To be able to vividly relive any number of moments as deeply as nostalgia tugs at your being.

As days come to a close, we end it with rest, and collect pieces of subliminal resonance as dawn breaks and unearths a new layer of you.

We come from divinity and return home with pieces of love that have been left in every whole hearted exchanged we’ve made.

What could possibly mean more than this? Why do we arrive and depart, with no known interval?

What is number of beats that the heart has had assigned from beyond time and reasoning?

Somewhere, between memory and feeling is truth, in an open field, waiting to envelop you in transformation.

Immerse yourself in affinity. Reclaim your wonder and bathe in its never ending majesty. Throw away logic for a moment, expand your heart and allow your path to manifest to your true evolution.

No moment is more significant than this. This surrender to expansion.

Photography by: Kirsty Mitchell

Your shadow, your light.


I shall love you in your light

As well as your darkness

Though, they may differ…

One cannot exist without the other

Days are brilliant…

They are a time spent on the physical plane

Night, is where one goes deep

The beauty that is sacred awaits in heart of darkness

All that cannot be seen with the naked eye

Is felt with a bare soul




These secrets that the moon has to offer,

It pulls on the tides,

Reigns in emotion,

Feeds desire.

When will we learn to embrace darkness…

the way we do light?

Our shadows never appear in the dark

They are a reminder

That everything in nature

Exists in duality

Within these occurrences

There are secrets that cannot be uttered

How can one conceive this in words?

In love there is no exact language

It is energy

That is created

It is simply understood

Your spirit, bound to mine

The exchange between day and night

All the vivid, glorious colors in the sky…

All the stars in the universe await the sun’s departure

In order to shine

Their brilliance isn’t dimmed because of the dark

The darkness is the reason why

We become incandescent

Burning slowly in the night

Transcending in dreams

Far and away

In love,

Bathing in you

In silence,

While your heart murmurs

As time slips

And we fall into slumber.

Is this is a dream?

I am indeed awake.

Love is the horizon

in which light meets the dark.


Painting by: Marcel Marien L’Oubli



vitor schetti

Be like the tree

grounded into the Earth

reaching towards the sky

Mist churning in the spiraled womb

In which God’s breath whispered life

The wind that passes is a momentary calamity

in which leaves

speak from their boughs

the way we speak from our bosom

Expression is a universal language

these exchanges

between soul to soul

are no different

than the chanting

between plants

longing to feel the warmth of the sun,

the strokes of glorious rain

and release its essence into the Earth

We are all mirrors unto each other

The trees need our release for their sustenance

The Earth’s desire to be

is no different than our yearning

to flourish

We are here to tend to all that is buried within

and appreciate the wonders throughout

To love and be love.

We are more than just human form

we are energy in motion

and everything among us speaks a language we already know.


Photography: Vitor Schietti




I do not usually write posts describing my day or personal experiences (that aren’t poetry), but I felt in my heart that this needed to be shared. I hope this may help another or reach someone in some way. Because deep down, I believe we all share that common desire, to touch another heart.

My father passed when I was a teenager. I haven’t visited his site, in quite some time. And the guilt of it had been lurking. The entire drive there, felt like an out-of-body experience.

I wasn’t whole. I felt broken. And kept breaking.

I can easily cry, over a sappy movie ending, cute animals, babies, a good cheeseburger… you name it. And I have no problem with anyone seeing me in that state.

However, I despise being seen in such a state of vulnerability. I can’t even face myself. Not when it comes to something like this. My mind felt like it was in a fog. And the idea of not having visited the last place his body touched the Earth, haunted me.

However, today was the perfect day to do so. You know how sometimes, you can feel the electricity and energy in the air? It was everywhere today. Storm clouds were brewing as the sun simultaneously shone on everyone’s skin, caressing them just a bit. Showing us that spring was upon us, yet before everything is to come to full bloom, there had to be a final torrent… of emotion, of the cold, of all the weight of the things we must come to let go of, otherwise they remain in the recesses of our being… gnawing at our conscience.

I believe we all want to be free. And our spirit yearns to feel at peace.

As I got near, I felt his presence. I kneeled on the ground before me. I looked to the sky above me. Touched the Earth beneath me. And closed my eyes. And imagined him. He always looks exactly the same… youthful, wearing blue jeans and white button down shirt. Nothing fancy, but nothing to sneeze at either. Hair gently combed back and big, happy cheeks.

I felt his embrace. We have met in dreams many times, but this was long awaited. I opened my eyes, and hoped for an Earthly acknowledgement.

Two geese passed by. On our very last trip together, we spent a picturesque dusk, feeding geese together. He emphasized on the importance of all living beings and how we were here to nurture one another. God, I missed him so much. But nothing physical remains.

As I walked by and looked at other tombstones, I noticed the times in between birth and death. Who knew why we are ordained the time we are given? Each life is a gift. Each soul with a purpose. Our gifts that we are given and meant to pass on. It all comes from love. A passion for what we love. The people whom we love.

How can we acknowledge those whom we love? How can we remember without only feeling sorrow? The answer is to honor their memory, as best as you can. It is so easy to fall into anger, thrive on negativity… but when a spirit departs, its pain is no longer a void that remains. We meld into the otherworldly. Into places where we collide with the light of the stars.

You, are still alive and have a purpose to fulfill. Love which remains to be given and received, so beautifully. It is absolutely reasonable to be totally human and feel every emotion. We all succumb to these from time to time, again and again. Everything changes. However, the only thing that ever truly stays, is the love we feel. The love we have learned. And the love we leave behind. This is the power of love.

The day ended in sun showers. The storm cloud that had governed most of the sky dissipated. And it rained, a lush, gentle sweep over every living thing and then the sun blazed with all its glory.

I cannot possibly explain just how beautiful this transition was… It was more than anything, comforting. As if the timing of your life was beyond random coincidence, and in the larger scope, harmony.


Photography: Desmond Steiner, “Fear No More”



Where do our faults lie when we do not heed to the Universe’s call?

What happens when we ignore the eternal echo that speaks in symmetry?

Symmetry, which is so delicately woven into the fibers of our being. Our body, every atom woven to mold us is precisely the way it ought to be. Presented in such a manner that its very etherealism leaves you breathless, not lifeless, for there is a difference.

You hold your breath to sustain awe in such inexplicable, sweet tragedy of realization. While reaffirming, what the heart already knows. The answer to everything lies within you… it always has.

We justify, internalize and modify truth. When truth cannot be altered in any of these ways.

What is truth…?

Truth is warm hands on a cold, winter night… harboring comfort that skin has long forgotten.

Truth is the moment between a deep breath and its release. Release in being. Breathe in, and remember where you are. Presence is everything in truth.

Truth is harmony that speaks in a language none of us can hear, yet we never fail to understand.

What we tend to not take heed to, is that we cannot leave truth hidden in caves, leaving us fumbling through the dark.

It cannot be left in remnants of cinders, yearning to flame.

It cannot falter to the wayside and not feel the brilliance of daylight.

Truth isn’t meant to be tucked into corners and folded properly. It isn’t meant for narrowing etiquette and doublespeak.

It is the ignition of flame, the very moment before it sparks.

It is what moves us.

Truth lies in resonance, that which touches you in such a way that you cannot help but feel moved… which then casts a fire that exists within all of us.

It’s silent, potent alchemy, which brings forth life.  Life, which is hidden in so many things. And visible in many others. Lost and lived, praised and doomed. We are stretched upon a single fiber that connects from life to life and day to day to a place and time, where there is no place and no time…but this…

All of this beautiful synchronicity so effortlessly woven into what we can only call being.

That is the truest thing,

knowing you exist.

What you choose to do with it,

is your truth.



Artwork: Christian Schloe