Gratitude isn’t something that should be forced, but rather a place that springs organically from within. It is only human to feel negativity from time to time…to feel as if there is a void in your life. However, when you release your thanks into the universe, the energy returns. The kindness in others ripples back from the essence you have attuned to.

We have so much to be grateful for. I try everyday to close my eyes and think of the things that I am fortunate to have. We, so easily get caught up in what we lack, and when dwelling on that idea, it only further spirals one into a self-deprecating state; in which nothing can be accomplished. Give yourself a few moments, whether it be every morning or night (or both) and allow yourself to appreciate that which you have and whom you know. Connections are indeed rare. We are fortunate to find those whom we truly love. *Although, connections are a whole other topic, worthy of its own post 🙂 *

The love and gratitude we render, is a legacy more worthy than anything tangible or material. It is deeply felt, in the hearts of others and in that which pulses the universe.

May the love you bestow, be returned to you…fill you with joy and even more gratitude.



Artwork by: Autumn Sky Art


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