The place where life enters you. The portal in which seed becomes being and all that you harness, this new life is now exposed to… Speak, sing, laugh, cry… to the extension of you. Bless the love that bestowed this soul upon you. It is yours to guard and safe keep, but their soul, like your soul, will always be free. Its desires aren’t your desires, unless- that is its destiny. Your blood runs through their veins, but their assignment to this world is beyond you. However, you are inexplicably linked, infinitely.

When the heart is elated, your spirit will be at peace. When facing disdain, they will feel the hurt deeply. If one were to part from another, the separation will haunt you. Until you unite again.

Then there comes a time that is decided by a power beyond us.

A mother without her child, no, the days will never be the same. The emptiness from losing the one who’s heart you heard murmur from inside, that heartbreak doesn’t subside. Everyday that passes brings me closer to you and you to me. I often wish I told you that I loved you so dearly. I allowed fear to overcome me in my vulnerability… and now my heart bleeds endlessly.

Time goes from passing slowly to fleeing suddenly. Life goes from monotonous to completely transformed in one sweep. We are birthing and dying at every moment. Take not the ones you love for granted. Do not fear the capacity of vulnerability, for the depth of grief is no match for the regret that you feel when one of you leaves.

Life passes as I wait for the moment when you call my name. When I will turn and you smile at me, just the way you did, when you first cradled me. Isn’t that what we all truly long for? An embrace that will always feel like home…

Do not leave words unspoken. Allow your soul to be fragile in feeling deeply and resilient in understanding that which befalls you. Trust in the beyond, and that this passage of time on Earth, in human cloak is a meeting place for souls. Your heart doesn’t break unless it was filled with love. And a love like that, is only meant to be filled again.

Until then…

This is not the end, you will pass through shadow to come to life. Just as you once did.


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