first encounter.

The moment you meet someone for the very first time, something we often overlook happens. During the split second before you can even formulate an opinion- the vibe you feel instantaneously- that moment is the purest exchange you will ever have.

When we initially encounter one’s energy, we have the truest intuitive sense about their character. There are no preconceived notions, no biases, nothing to allow your mind to put together collective pieces of a personality make-up. Many a times, you may pass that thought into the back of your mind and never learn the depth of its truth -or-

maybe, just maybe…

you will learn what caused you to have that inner revelation.

We are made up of energy and constantly releasing, receiving and exchanging. There are countless occasions where people instantly recognized their life long friend, soulmate or sworn enemy, just from having laid eyes upon them. The beauty of being human, is to feel these instincts. Sometimes, we disregard our gut reaction and instead focus on our initial yearning. At times, it is a conscious decision, in other instances, it becomes a hard learned lesson that we do not expect, because our longing had superseded the reality of the situation.

We must ask ourselves, is this feeling my desire or the truth? If we do not learn the difference between intuition and deep-seated longing, what remains in the connection, is a lesson in self-reflection. There are times when you meet someone, and have what appears to be a wonderful bond, but then over time, becomes something negative or toxic. These instances, are a platform for our soul’s evolution. Most people have experienced ties with those, who force them to look after their own personal growth. Perhaps, it would take a certain character to have you raise questions about yourself; questions that you might not think to ask unless you witnessed these characteristics in another.

I like to refer to these experiences as mirrors. One can easily get enrolled in everything that is happening externally, so much so, that they forget to nurture their soul and tend to what makes them truly elated… their purpose.

If a connection is meant to withstand the test of time, it will. If it is solely meant for your own evolution, then let it be. Every energy has a space to enter and then depart after having fulfilled its deepest intent. And with some, there is no time alotted, they remain eternally bound to you. Be grateful for the mirror, regardless of what it shows you… without it, we wouldn’t be on the path that leads to our potential destiny.


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