I see you darling…

Not even your gracious beauty can mask the pain that lies behind your eyes…

Your reservoir is bursting at the seams, as you try to hold it together

Of course your smile will continue to radiate

Your light has yet to leave you…

It’s your heart that is consumed in the shadow of calamity

You are still beautiful

You are beautiful

You are so beautiful…

Yet, no amount of strength has you immune to the vulnerability that darkens your heart

Your nights have grown longer, while you lament the eventide that cast out the warmth in your life

Your pain cuts deeper…

As you dive into the memory of that which seems so distant

Is it hope that you see?

Or the illusion of longing?

Don’t close your eyes just yet…


Let go…



For not all suffering is in vain

Nightfall isn’t everlasting

You will see the other side once again

this time,

with renewed eyes.


Photography: Sofia Ajram


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