Here lies a stream of consciousness (which is not my usual writing style) but it felt more authentic than piecing everything together/tearing words apart/shifting that which didn’t seem to fit…

Amidst the dialogue between the head and heart lies a humble voice that whispers inside of you.

This voice of divinity comes to you like a mother’s touch, swift, authoritative but with soft understanding… its ultimate aim is guidance.

Truth is something that unfolds within the heart of your intuition.

That sense of knowing feels so fluid, so incredibly natural. It isn’t screaming, paranoid or over-analyzing. It is a gift of foresight that allows you insight towards your soul’s evolution.

The key to your existence lies in what you long for. You can justify logic, but it is impossible to ignore the call of your heart.

The mind is a servant to our desire. Where do our desires stem from? The inner stirrings of our heart.

And these, my dear, are instruments to relay the song that our soul sings.

One could not function properly without the other, thus allowing us to embrace consciousness and discern what comes and goes in our periphery. Whether that vision be something we physically see or something our heart feels and our soul becomes entrenched in…

Give yourself room to be free. Free to the universe. Whatever is meant for you, you will be guided. When you close your eyes, and silence distraction, your mind will be at ease. Which in turn calms the pace of your heart and delights the soul, leaving you bare to your destiny… to be laid out before you, in pieces that the universe will soon uncover for you.

Keep your eyes, heart, mind and soul open. The world only wants you to be completely you.

With love,


Artwork: Christian Schloe


5 thoughts on “mind>heart>soul

  1. “Keep your eyes, heart, mind and soul open. The world only wants you to be completely you.” True, Rabia! 🙂 We can only be us. The irony is only in acceptance, can we improve! 🙂


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