mantra> thank you.


Solitude is an integral part of soul evolution. It allows for you to remember… and in remembrance there is much to be learned.

When I allow myself to experience a state of tranquility, the thought that continues to run through my mind during prayer is, “thank you”.

Two simple words that echo into the universe and reverberate back to you in positivity. My heart beats softly and I can hear this throughout my entire body. How fortunate we are to be in this body, breathing, existing, living.

It is easy to fall into the idea of everything that encompasses the shadows in our life. But how can you hold grief so dear, when possibility is everywhere? Love for everything, only manifests more love. Within the darkest of hearts, lies a deep desire for love and acknowledgement.

Be the lover.

Be love.

So beautifully and effortlessly.

What else do we have in this existence, but to give? There are thousands upon thousands, aimlessly living to just take as their grip tightens with nothing to bear fruit.

And this, is all because nothing belongs to us, except for that which is eternal.

From the moment we are born until the day we transmute into ether, we continue learning to understand love, life’s greatest gift. This eternal gift can only be given, when it can be housed in gratitude. Love does not thrive in any other essence. Just as the spirit cannot long survive in a broken body.

This does not mean that we do not break, or cannot fall. Life is a series of emotions, both good and bad. Just like Earth and nature, we too experience seasons in our journey.

Nature is a reflection of ourselves. Can you deny the beauty of the last leaves bursting in the ebb of their life? The branches baring their soul, preparing for a deep slumber only to come anew in the dawn of spring days.

This is precisely what we go through, over and over… and again and again, no matter how dark and cold some nights may get, we are in this body. May we graciously live, love and give thanks to all the beauty that we encompass and that which surrounds us, internally and eternally.


Art by: Tomasz Alen Kopera


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