The most feared, most final and absolute certainty in existence. We all know that it is a route we cannot avoid. It’s something we all face and endure with those whom we love.

There is nothing like losing a person you love. Whether its sudden or happening over a period of time, nothing on Earth can prepare one for the vacuum in which loss feels like.

Some days, feel great.

You remember to remember everything you love and the memories you carry about the person whom you lost from your life. But there are days, that are darker. Days where nothing can console you. Not even the warmth from the tears that fall upon your cheek, grazing the curves of your face. You can feel your loved one beside you. And you know they feel it too. And you think, perhaps its better this way. They are happy and void of pain. But, you are left with the pain that consumes you. The aching of a wound that resurfaces when you are alone.

A pain that harbors a grief, never ending. There are so many days when I remember you with joy and love. Yet, I cannot deny, that there are days where it feels like yesterday. And I’m a young girl reliving you departing from Earth again. Watching you slip and being powerless in stopping it.

Grief feels like looking out a window into a stormy, night sky. Like endless rain, rustling trees and lightning striking my core. Leaving me breathless.

I know you are on the other side of pain, but one cannot help that they are here, and you are there… and when I called your name, only then could silence feel so loud.

I wait for sleep… sleep to traverse in dreams, in hopes of reuniting with you… even if the moment is brief. Some nights, it works. And some nights, I don’t hear from you. Can you hear me?

Your presence now, speaks through other people. Through synchronicities. Through pictures that surface, and bring back lovely memories. I will continue to love you more everyday. Until I see you again. Perhaps, that is the miracle of death. That no matter how immense the pain, the love remains eternal. And time is just a margin between Earth and the otherworldly.


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