you are the moon, and the moonlight.


As the year comes to a close, we reflect on who we are and how far we have come. We are like the moon, illuminating differently in every phase. It takes all these stages to become full. We continue dancing in the dark, until we are aligned with light, and allow it to beacon for all to witness.

Your darkness is temporary, light is temporary. You perpetually change.

How beautiful that you are always you, no matter what you go through.

Your soul endures the phases, all to be vulnerable over and over again. Perhaps, that is why we feel nostalgic everytime we observe the moon. We long to be as bright, mysterious, full, longed after and powerful.

However, we are no different, our beacons are inside, beating for us, fighting for our next moment. And we too, feel a pull. We know when our heart is full. We become the light. Our aura streams love. And moonlight radiates from ones eyes.

Trust the phases your life brings to you, it is only a matter of time before you too, become broken, to become full, to become anew.


Photo by: Charles Benz





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