My love,

that which resides in our hearts is a voiceless dialogue between our souls

its rhythm shifts from moment to moment

the way waves gently cradle stones across the ocean floor

When I stumble upon you in the fell hours of the night

I gaze upon the silhouette of your skin

bathing under the moonlight

watch you in peace

and nestle into your rib to feel your heartbeat


My dear beloved,

night is not complete without knowing

we rest blissfully

in each other’s company

or awaken in midst of slumber

spending nightfall recounting the story of our lives

laying in awe

under the stars

watching the glory of the cosmos

above us

between us

and in each other’s eyes


How will I know thee?

By the way I am left wordless


and in perpetual wonder

of the love that continually blooms

an endless spring

within my heart…


My dearest beloved,

Through your windows

is where I recognize you

and will continue to do so

time and time again

lifetime after lifetime

until we reach beyond

the boundary of time

into the ethereal

where true love lies…


Art: Christian Schloe


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