We humans are no different from the vast universe. Every molecule in our body is comprised of the elements surrounding us.

We are series of reactions.

A pool of never-ending depth, in places the eye cannot see. We are all deep down, far away, birthing and dying at every waking minute. We are constellations, oceans, earth and root.

Surrender to what is natural, at every moment. Your very breath is one more and one less. The collective heart of the universe beats inside of you. We are given a limited human cloak for evolving into timelessness. This idea of time allotted to us is bittersweet and filled with irony. We are witnesses to the fury and beauty of nature reflected in our inner workings and exuding throughout.

Does your existence attest to this?

Do you let it pass you by and grip in fear of time elapsing?


Do you surrender your spirit into the wind and truly take in the precious breath which has been created by beauty?

Artwork: Autumn Skye Art


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