you seek answers

yet, your heart knows the truth

what you truly seek

are words that comfort

the emptiness you cannot discern

we fill our voids

with everything

except what is true

your soul is beyond capable

of understanding that which you cannot put into words

you desire eloquence in sentences

but what aid will verses bring to you?

perhaps it will make things clearer for you

perhaps glaring into your reflection

won’t feel as daunting

the silent rebellion

of one who chooses

not to battle

you turn your back into oblivion

and believe that it will not burn

you restrain from emotion

as I watch you take your heart of gold

and barter it for a blinding adornment

an exchange that weighs heavy on you


we do not comprehend our transactions with energy

when things become awry

when circumstance becomes consequence

we often wonder why…

the answers do not lie in the mirror

they do not lay dormant

they are the initial taste of knowledge

the moment before thought even becomes a process


is when you know.

It is in those moments

that words cease to explain

the sacred murmurs of your soul’s understanding.

In this way,

we will always know

but never really know

of our destiny.


Artwork by: Graszka Paulska


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