Every once in a while

you find something that aids

in numbing the pain


Makes the dark easier to succumb to

Makes stars and street lights magical 

rather than your stumbling compass

on your way home

from momentary oblivion


Your deepest thoughts reside

as all the energy put into

living your double life is spent

You cannot be anything other than

taped-up collected pieces of what you recall in the sunshine


Time passes so slowly

the darkness swallows all shadows leaves you naked


before you and the rest of the world


Where then do you look to?

The clock stays still at an hour

where silence can be heard

It almost feels like your back in the womb


Your heartbeat playing so loudly

as it lulls the silence into surrender


And there you are


Alone with your truest thoughts

deep inside the forest of your heart

Perhaps you’re waiting for a dream that might make sense

Maybe you realize too much

too soon and it’s too early

you cannot wait for dawn and light

to arrive and sing to you again


But until then

the night carries your secrets

and grace is waiting for you

on the other side

of this starry curtain.


Photography by: Michelle Cuello “Her Beating Heart”


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