Where do our faults lie when we do not heed to the Universe’s call?

What happens when we ignore the eternal echo that speaks in symmetry?

Symmetry, which is so delicately woven into the fibers of our being. Our body, every atom woven to mold us is precisely the way it ought to be. Presented in such a manner that its very etherealism leaves you breathless, not lifeless, for there is a difference.

You hold your breath to sustain awe in such inexplicable, sweet tragedy of realization. While reaffirming, what the heart already knows. The answer to everything lies within you… it always has.

We justify, internalize and modify truth. When truth cannot be altered in any of these ways.

What is truth…?

Truth is warm hands on a cold, winter night… harboring comfort that skin has long forgotten.

Truth is the moment between a deep breath and its release. Release in being. Breathe in, and remember where you are. Presence is everything in truth.

Truth is harmony that speaks in a language none of us can hear, yet we never fail to understand.

What we tend to not take heed to, is that we cannot leave truth hidden in caves, leaving us fumbling through the dark.

It cannot be left in remnants of cinders, yearning to flame.

It cannot falter to the wayside and not feel the brilliance of daylight.

Truth isn’t meant to be tucked into corners and folded properly. It isn’t meant for narrowing etiquette and doublespeak.

It is the ignition of flame, the very moment before it sparks.

It is what moves us.

Truth lies in resonance, that which touches you in such a way that you cannot help but feel moved… which then casts a fire that exists within all of us.

It’s silent, potent alchemy, which brings forth life.  Life, which is hidden in so many things. And visible in many others. Lost and lived, praised and doomed. We are stretched upon a single fiber that connects from life to life and day to day to a place and time, where there is no place and no time…but this…

All of this beautiful synchronicity so effortlessly woven into what we can only call being.

That is the truest thing,

knowing you exist.

What you choose to do with it,

is your truth.



Artwork: Christian Schloe


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