I do not usually write posts describing my day or personal experiences (that aren’t poetry), but I felt in my heart that this needed to be shared. I hope this may help another or reach someone in some way. Because deep down, I believe we all share that common desire, to touch another heart.

My father passed when I was a teenager. I haven’t visited his site, in quite some time. And the guilt of it had been lurking. The entire drive there, felt like an out-of-body experience.

I wasn’t whole. I felt broken. And kept breaking.

I can easily cry, over a sappy movie ending, cute animals, babies, a good cheeseburger… you name it. And I have no problem with anyone seeing me in that state.

However, I despise being seen in such a state of vulnerability. I can’t even face myself. Not when it comes to something like this. My mind felt like it was in a fog. And the idea of not having visited the last place his body touched the Earth, haunted me.

However, today was the perfect day to do so. You know how sometimes, you can feel the electricity and energy in the air? It was everywhere today. Storm clouds were brewing as the sun simultaneously shone on everyone’s skin, caressing them just a bit. Showing us that spring was upon us, yet before everything is to come to full bloom, there had to be a final torrent… of emotion, of the cold, of all the weight of the things we must come to let go of, otherwise they remain in the recesses of our being… gnawing at our conscience.

I believe we all want to be free. And our spirit yearns to feel at peace.

As I got near, I felt his presence. I kneeled on the ground before me. I looked to the sky above me. Touched the Earth beneath me. And closed my eyes. And imagined him. He always looks exactly the same… youthful, wearing blue jeans and white button down shirt. Nothing fancy, but nothing to sneeze at either. Hair gently combed back and big, happy cheeks.

I felt his embrace. We have met in dreams many times, but this was long awaited. I opened my eyes, and hoped for an Earthly acknowledgement.

Two geese passed by. On our very last trip together, we spent a picturesque dusk, feeding geese together. He emphasized on the importance of all living beings and how we were here to nurture one another. God, I missed him so much. But nothing physical remains.

As I walked by and looked at other tombstones, I noticed the times in between birth and death. Who knew why we are ordained the time we are given? Each life is a gift. Each soul with a purpose. Our gifts that we are given and meant to pass on. It all comes from love. A passion for what we love. The people whom we love.

How can we acknowledge those whom we love? How can we remember without only feeling sorrow? The answer is to honor their memory, as best as you can. It is so easy to fall into anger, thrive on negativity… but when a spirit departs, its pain is no longer a void that remains. We meld into the otherworldly. Into places where we collide with the light of the stars.

You, are still alive and have a purpose to fulfill. Love which remains to be given and received, so beautifully. It is absolutely reasonable to be totally human and feel every emotion. We all succumb to these from time to time, again and again. Everything changes. However, the only thing that ever truly stays, is the love we feel. The love we have learned. And the love we leave behind. This is the power of love.

The day ended in sun showers. The storm cloud that had governed most of the sky dissipated. And it rained, a lush, gentle sweep over every living thing and then the sun blazed with all its glory.

I cannot possibly explain just how beautiful this transition was… It was more than anything, comforting. As if the timing of your life was beyond random coincidence, and in the larger scope, harmony.


Photography: Desmond Steiner, “Fear No More”


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  1. Today makes 8 years since I lost my best friend, my mother… (well, in the physical realm). Her spirit is strong and shown in so many ways. Today, as I left for work, the winds were gusty and the trees were dancing. I knew she was there once I felt the tug of my hair. Our love never ends and just as with your father, our relationship with them elevates to the spiritual realm. The signs are all over, if we just listen. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. Liza, thank you for sharing that. I know, just like you do, that there isn’t a day where you do not think of them, but the day of their departure is more difficult than any other. Our loved ones are always with us, because love is the one thing that remains eternal. I agree with you about the signs. Sometimes, they appear when I need it the most. I wish you much love, light and blessings to you and your mother. Thank you again for sharing ❤


  2. Profoundly and beautifully written!! Your writing not only allows me to have a glimpse at the scene, but the emotions and feelings glance right off of your pen and directly into the heart of the reader. You’ve conveyed such a sensitive and intimate topic, that holds a soft spot amongst many, with touching grace. I can relate too well, but we all aspire to be rejoined with the ones dearest to us, in the best of circumstances.

    Amazing talent lies within your writing, and I’m so happy to have found your blog! Keep up the lovely work 🙂

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    1. Saki, thank you for your beautiful response. I wish that in your heart you find the resolve for the love in which you lost. 💓🌹 It took many years to embrace this. Thank you for reading my truth. It means the world to me to know that another soul can find positivity in the things we go through. Blessings to you dear. ☄💚

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