vitor schetti

Be like the tree

grounded into the Earth

reaching towards the sky

Mist churning in the spiraled womb

In which God’s breath whispered life

The wind that passes is a momentary calamity

in which leaves

speak from their boughs

the way we speak from our bosom

Expression is a universal language

these exchanges

between soul to soul

are no different

than the chanting

between plants

longing to feel the warmth of the sun,

the strokes of glorious rain

and release its essence into the Earth

We are all mirrors unto each other

The trees need our release for their sustenance

The Earth’s desire to be

is no different than our yearning

to flourish

We are here to tend to all that is buried within

and appreciate the wonders throughout

To love and be love.

We are more than just human form

we are energy in motion

and everything among us speaks a language we already know.


Photography: Vitor Schietti



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