Your shadow, your light.


I shall love you in your light

As well as your darkness

Though, they may differ…

One cannot exist without the other

Days are brilliant…

They are a time spent on the physical plane

Night, is where one goes deep

The beauty that is sacred awaits in heart of darkness

All that cannot be seen with the naked eye

Is felt with a bare soul




These secrets that the moon has to offer,

It pulls on the tides,

Reigns in emotion,

Feeds desire.

When will we learn to embrace darkness…

the way we do light?

Our shadows never appear in the dark

They are a reminder

That everything in nature

Exists in duality

Within these occurrences

There are secrets that cannot be uttered

How can one conceive this in words?

In love there is no exact language

It is energy

That is created

It is simply understood

Your spirit, bound to mine

The exchange between day and night

All the vivid, glorious colors in the sky…

All the stars in the universe await the sun’s departure

In order to shine

Their brilliance isn’t dimmed because of the dark

The darkness is the reason why

We become incandescent

Burning slowly in the night

Transcending in dreams

Far and away

In love,

Bathing in you

In silence,

While your heart murmurs

As time slips

And we fall into slumber.

Is this is a dream?

I am indeed awake.

Love is the horizon

in which light meets the dark.


Painting by: Marcel Marien L’Oubli



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