How brilliant and terrifying is existence?

To feel your heart bursting at the seams of that which is written in the passages of your nerves and flowing into your core.

To be able to vividly relive any number of moments as deeply as nostalgia tugs at your being.

As days come to a close, we end it with rest, and collect pieces of subliminal resonance as dawn breaks and unearths a new layer of you.

We come from divinity and return home with pieces of love that have been left in every whole hearted exchanged we’ve made.

What could possibly mean more than this? Why do we arrive and depart, with no known interval?

What is number of beats that the heart has had assigned from beyond time and reasoning?

Somewhere, between memory and feeling is truth, in an open field, waiting to envelop you in transformation.

Immerse yourself in affinity. Reclaim your wonder and bathe in its never ending majesty. Throw away logic for a moment, expand your heart and allow your path to manifest to your true evolution.

No moment is more significant than this. This surrender to expansion.

Photography by: Kirsty Mitchell


9 thoughts on “surrender…

  1. These are the exact thoughts that wander in my mind and with time I’ve learned or shall I say, I’m learning the gravity of surrendering. First, we must come to terms of acceptance. Acceptance of ‘what is’ , gives us the courage and fearlessness to surrender. Surrendering ultimately displays our trust in the journey and that’s a really good space to be in.
    Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and your input. I truly appreciate it. You are absolutely right, acceptance is the foundation on which one can surrender. We have to trust in the powers that be, before we can let go and be free. Love and blessings to you always, dear. 💚

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  2. Beautiful thought put down in a mellifluous style. Surrendering to the moment is really what we all need to do, but more than often forget in our race with time. This wonderful post gives me atleast a moment to reflect upon the memories gone by and the truth that separates me from what it actually feels in life.
    Great post Rabia ❤️😊

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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. It is a blessing to hear it. In life I believe in life all we each want to do is truly touch another spirit in a profound way. I wish you much love and light. Thank you again. 💖💫🌷☺

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  3. There is a certain depth to your writing that cannot be put into words…it causes one to really ponder. I find this line amazing, “expand your heart and allow your path to manifest to your true evolution.” Something I will definitely try to strive for…
    Truth emanates from your writing as always 🙂


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