What constitutes as prayer?

it is not just words to fulfill a ritual

it is an extension of every cell in your body

of all desire

all that lies heavy, burdening you

it is when our lips are pursed

hands quiver

and hearts empty

giving us a space in humility

during the ether of the night

or perhaps when the sun sweeps light across the horizon

where the distance between

you and God

lies amongst the breath in which you whisper

it is where the truth lies

where your answer is

even when you ask for signs and affirmations






It is modesty

in its finest essence

to kneel before your Creator

and empty everything that taints this vessel,

brings joy to this experience,

or has one feeling melancholy.


Sometimes, there are no words

however, that which lies in the heart

always finds a way out

whether it takes days or years

the call of the heart

is embedded in eternity

and in your weakest moments

when you cannot formulate

but only feel emotion

my dear,















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