my love…


You are…

Daybreak bursting at the seams of the horizon

Nightfall looming over mountains

Thunder rising from the ground

You are electric

You are fire when you unleash

Oceans deep

When I find you at the depths

And realize it goes further

You are the four corners of my Earth

My longing for the moon to be full

My heart bellowing

My love crashing into you

Stars colliding

And worlds are made anew

I feel you moments before you arrive into our abode

I feel you…

The way willows sway in the wind

They sing soft lullabies in the dawn of spring

and you do this for me, my love

You hearken to my spirit

The way gravity cannot be denied

You were there from the beginning

And I only hope to have you beside me at the autumn of my life

We will be dancing

Aurora boriealas

Throughout the night

Starlight gleaming across the sky

Returning to our origins

These memories we’ve created

Are reminiscent of our many beautiful lives that we have lived

and the endless journey that we will continue to embark on

my love,

love never forgets

the body may expiate

but with love,

that is all the soul will ever equate truly living with.


Artwork: “Love Forgetting Time” by James R. Eads



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